Osundun Fundraiser - Saturday, August 5, 2017 from 7-11pm in East Oakland

posted Jul 25, 2017, 10:51 PM by David Vargas
Enjoy an evening of music, food and fun by supporting Osundun Arts and Cultural Exchange on Saturday, August 5, 2017 from 7-11 pm in East Oakland CA.

Osundun Arts + Cultural Exchange fundraiser
Saturday August 5th 7-11pm
Live music by Kolamanjaro (Afro Beat + Juju Fusion)
Tacos + Raffle
Amor Eterno Arte is honored to welcome Osundun Arts + Cultural Exchange Saturday August 5th from 7-11pm. Celebrating the beauty of diversity, Osundun is fundraising for their annual Oakland festival. Live music by Kolamanjaro, tacos and raffle!
The Osundun festival features artists, musicians and dancers from East Oakland, Mexico, Hawaii and Africa. The goal of Osundun is accomplished through various events and programs that include annual festival, health and wellness, cultural education, environmental awareness and social-cultural activities and international excursions. Through these activities, Osundun intends to promote understanding and cooperation among diverse cultures, recognize and assist artists and cultural groups to advance their quests thereby enriching the community, youth and adults, locally and internationally.
Osundun is a Non-Profit Organization operating as a platform for hosting cultural, educational and artistic expressions. It is a platform through which local and international artists, musicians, and socio-cultural groups, of various genres, can display, perform, present and impress their talents and purpose to the community and the public at large. This is accomplished through participation in various events organized by Osundun which often collaborates with other entities including non-profit organizations.
Kolamanjaro & his Yoruba Heritage Ensemble is where the classic Yoruba song-meter meets the modern. It is indeed, the crossroad at which yesterday's rhythms intersect with today's sounds to propel the future of cultural arts entertainment forward.
It is a bridge that seeks to link Yoruba from the source with others far and widely dispersed around the globe and across the Diaspora. Kola Adesokan, (aka Kolaman or Kolamanjaro) describes his music as Juju-Fusion, a style which he branded Rhythm-N-Groove™ of Afrika, which is another variety of Afro-Beat genre founded by Fela Kuti of Nigeria. Kolamanjaro is a jazzily rhythmic sound whose soul is deeply rooted in authentic Yoruba heritage experience.
Amor Eterno Arte
1227 18th Ave
East Oakland Ca
Osundun Arts + Cultural Exchange
osundun.org osundun@gmail.com
David Vargas,
Jul 25, 2017, 10:51 PM